piątek, 14 września 2012

Asian fruits

Chico - tastes like cocoa with plums. Very good.
 Papaya - delicious. Difficult to compare to any other fruit. I found a bit of Kaki and Watermelon at the same time in it.
These are not tomatoes, these are kaki :)
Dragon fruit

Atemoya is a hybrid of two fruits – the sugar apple and the cherimoya- amazing!
Just delicious

Longan - they just look like new potatoes...
- they are extremly sweet fruits, white inside when fresh, and dark when dried.  

Rambutan- tastes like rasberry. Delicious

Eventually, I know what is Lychee tea made from:)
Durians - these 'kings of fruits' stink like spoiled rotten chicken.
I am just wondering, what the smell is when it is actually spoiled... Have not tried yet...
Caramba! Star fruit (Averrhoa carambola L.)- there are sweet and sour varieties
And all these tropical fruits you can buy here....
BazaarKrakow.pl - dywany, pościele, firany, zasłony, dywaniki, chodniki,
 ręczniki. Odbiór własny w Krakowie. Duży wybór wzorów, niskie ceny.

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